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Team Reflections
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This project helped us build strong friendships during these busy but enjoyable six months. We learnt to tolerant, to think from the each other¡¯s side and to take responsibility for our team as a whole. This competition has taught us how to manage a project, and how to communicate and solve problems especially when we disagree. Before this project, half of our team members didn¡¯t know each other, though we are in the same university. And our dear Swedish team member Joakim is an exchange student to our university, we never thought that we could become such good friend before we sat down and talked about Chinese bicycles.

But sometimes, we did have arguments that led to some troubles. For example, we had a serious quarrel on whether to change our theme from the ¡°Differentiated Parking Pricing System¡± to ¡°Rescuing the Bicycle Kingdom¡±. Some of us argued that we had put so much time and energy in the parking system, and thus it was just not worth it for us to give it up. However, we also realized that it is unrealistic to develop a real system within such short time. Fortunately, three of us have started to search relevant information and did some interviews. After the interview of the ¡°three generations¡± and a government officer, all of us agreed on the theme of ¡°Rescuing the Bicycle Kingdom¡±. In the following five months, we worked pretty hard as we had to balance the competition and our schoolwork. We had to prepare for important exams for further education: two of us were preparing for the graduate school examination for Peking University; another two team members were preparing GRE during the program. At first, we found it hard to find available time for everyone, since all of us were busy. As we progressed gradually, we learnt to compromise for the benefit of the team and started to work more efficiently. Throughout these few months, we has leant how to manage our time wisely, work efficiently as a group, and communicate with our team members effectively as well.




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