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Who We Are
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Team introduction
The team is consisted of six people: Linghong, Tong, Xinyu, Ran and Chenguang are from China, and Joakim is from Sweden. Apart from the cultural difference, the team also diverse in our majors in universities: their majors vary from Computer Science, Information Management to Environmental Science, which ensures the team different perspectives when defining and solving problems and thus leads to a more all-around comprehension.
Everybody in the team has made great efforts in this project: Linghong is the organizer and writer of the team who is a good writer in both Chinese and English. She also shows her extraordinary leadership by ensuring the great performance of the team as a whole. Tong is a devoted and talented animation designer as well as a flash-based programmer who created delicate animations in this website. Xinyu is our prime web designer as well as a prominent programmer. He also coded and finished the On-line interaction section of the site. Ran is an amazing researcher in our team who designed the investigation and conducted interviews. Joakim has provided a lot of information and insights when writing together with Linghong, and he also worked hard to ensure the English accuracy of the site. Chenguang as a great programmer, has helped in the coding in the animation and the interaction section, and converted the texts into HTML version together with Xinyu and Tong. All members have participated in information searching and field tracks.
Here¡¯s more about our team members:

-Organizer, Writer, Researcher /Age:21
-Nation: China
-Hobby: listening to music, studying foreign languages
-Why I join the Team?
Bicycles are environmentally-friendly and should be promoted. They¡¯re also a part of traditional Chinese culture and should be preserved. I feel honored to be working with such an excellent team on this website to help rescue the Bicycle Kingdom.
-My experience:
I grew up on the backseat of my father¡¯s Shanghai Forever bicycle; bicycles are an intimate part of my childhood memories. But now I can see clearly that the Kingdom of Bicycles is deteriorating. Bikes are less common on streets and less a part of people¡¯s lives, while the increasing numbers of cars have congested streets, polluted our air and increased noise. This made me think about ways we could encourage people to use bicycles more to make our cities greener and more sustainable. With my team, I began to dig deeper into this issue from several angles, and after some frustration and problems, we finally have solutions. I have learnt a lot from this project and made some good friends during this competition.


-Animation Designer, Programmer /Age:21
-Nation: China
-Hobbies and Interests: Computer programming, R&D, Flash, Java, Google Android, Microsoft .Net, SE
-Why I join the Team?
I am a strong supporter of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Every year I take part in Earth Hour. I think it¡¯s really important to protect the environment.
-My experience:
My major is software engineering and I have a lot of experience in software development. I also spend a lot of my spare time designing and doing animation. But through my work on the team I have learnt something different. I learned not only to solve problems with technology, but also to consider the issue from other aspects. Technology, automobiles, nuclear power and IT are beneficial to mankind, but at the same time they also bring potential hazards. In the ancient Chinese "The Book of Changes", heaven, earth, and man are seen as a whole. People's ways of life should be in line with nature. In this sense, biking is one of the best ways of linking man and nature and should be promoted. Bike culture in China should be protected. I¡¯m happy to be on the team working on rescuing the Bicycle Kingdom. And my contribution is the animation on the website.


-Web Designer, Programmer /Age:21
-Nation: China
-Hobby: Traveling, Playing Football
-Why I join the Team?
I like technology and this competition gives me a stage to show my work and to make more friends.
-My experience:
The declining use of bicycles in Chinese cities got our attention, so we decided to do something to warn people about the situation and to give them our suggestions. On our team, I was responsible for the website design and construction. My major is Network Engineering, and I like developing websites, programming, and learning new technology. This competition gave me a platform to use my talents, which is an important part of ThinkQuest. Although I had some problems during the design and construction of the website, we worked it out as a team by putting our heads together. I think this website reflects everyone¡¯s efforts and everybody¡¯s effort and experience.

-Researcher, Writer /Age:21
-Nation: China
-Hobby: Swimming£¬Reading
-Why I join the Team?
Personally, I like biking very much. I hope that through this project we can encourage more people to bike.
-My experience:
Prior to this competition, I participated in many competitions. However, ThinkQuest has given me a different experience. Since I am pretty outgoing, I was responsible for the fieldwork and interviewing. I conducted the interviews with the help of my team. Although we had some problems during the project, such as people refusing to be interviewed, we persevered by helping each other. Thanks to this competition, I realize the importance of teamwork, and I hope that through our great website, more people will use bicycles as their main transportation mode and the biking environment will improve in cities.

-Researcher, Co-writer /Age:21
-Nation: Sweden
-Hobby: Biking, scouting, skiing, canoeing
-Why I join the Team?
I¡¯m an enthusiastic cyclist and I¡¯ve done some research on the Bicycle Kingdom of China in Sweden. When I was asked to participate the decision was simple: Yes! When do I start?
-My experience:
I¡¯m an exchange student from Sweden, and I feel very lucky to be invited to work on this project during my time in China. Back in Sweden I study eco-technology, which deals with issues related to sustainable development such as urban transportation. I find this project very interesting and of high value. I tried my best to contribute with my knowledge and I wrote articles with Linghong. Since a lot of materials we gathered were in Chinese, we spent a lot of our time dealing with language. This project has given me a great opportunity to know and study China as the Bicycle Kingdom, and I really enjoyed the experience working with our team.


-Survey ,Interviews /Age:21
-Nation: China
-Hobby: Writing, Hiking
-Why I join the Team?
I like to riding bikes. And I want to do something useful to encourage people to ride bikes as more environmentally-friendly way to travel. Even though I like to ride my bike, it¡¯s really difficult to do so nowadays with all the cars on the road. It¡¯s pretty dangerous. I hope our work can help to improve the biking conditions in our country and that we can encourage more and more people to use greener ways to travel.
-My experience:
I was responsible for gathering sources, doing library research, and conducting interviews for our project. I¡¯m majoring in administration management. I did most of the research and the interviews were mainly written by me. We had a few problems getting people to take part in our street interviews, but once we explained our purpose they were happy to help us.

All background images and flashes were created by members of our team.



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