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To establish the ˇ°China Bicycle Leagueˇ±
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To establish the ˇ°China Bicycle Leagueˇ±
Currently, there are two national non-governmental organizations in China: the Chinese Cycling Association (CCA) and the Chinese Bicycle Association (CBA). The CCA is dedicated to promoting cycling sports with millions of members, while the CBA consists of bicycle and electric bicycles manufacturers. We have no organizations to provide a platform for bike commuters and transportation agencies. We propose the creation of a ˇ°China Bicycle Leagueˇ± to promote partnerships between the government and the public to encourage biking and low-carbon development policies. For example, the League could organize activities and events in support of biking including exhibits and demonstrations of new bike technologies or how to incorporate biking into your daily life. They could also organize a national ˇ°Bike Dayˇ± to promote biking.


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