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Policy Recommedations
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Draft a ^National Bicycle Revival Plan ̄
We strongly encourage the Chinese national government to draft a National Bicycle Revival Plan. One of the main elements of this Plan is a bicycle transportation plan as part of the national transportation plan. This would include the implementation of networks of bike lanes. The cycling environment must be improved in megacities with the focus on protecting the rights of bicyclists. A more bicycle-oriented transportation plan should be implemented in small cities.

Integrate bicycle transportation into the construction plan as part of a Green City to significantly increase the rate of biking.
  Restrict the number of car lanes and expand the space provided for cyclists to create more favorable conditions for cycling.
Integrate bikes into the public transit system of urban plans. Unify management of bicycle transportation networks, including a bicycle rental network.
Establish a financial system to provide funding for bike transport.
Financial support should be provided to develop bike transportation and parking facilities. A system of bicycle rental stations should be implemented and supported through government funding. A certain amount of advertising should be allowed to cover operational costs. Furthermore, current monthly commuter subsidies for government employees should be revised to include cyclists and pedestrians; motorists should not be given subsidies.
Strengthen relevant laws and regulations to protect the safety of the cyclists.
The development of electric bicycles should be enhanced; electric recharging facilities should be established in public areas. However, the production of electric bikes that exceed 50 kilometers per hour should be limited. Those riding electric bikes should undergo training and stricter licensing procedures to ensure safer roads for traditional bicycles. Moreover, bike parking management should be strengthened at community parking lots and bicycle rental stations to ensure the safety and convenience of bicycle riding. A bicycle theft reporting system should be implemented and stiff penalties imposed on those who steal and traffic in stolen bicycles; rewards should be offered to informants.



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