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Lack of government management and guarantee for cycling safety
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Lack of government management and guarantee for cycling safety
Nowadays when the urbanization constructions are booming and ever changing, the never-ending reconstruction of roads is aimed at providing more space for the ¡°car dominance¡±, the cycle paths have been pressured into ¡°sausages¡± or even removed. Such practice of urban management is a kind of power imbalance in government administration, it is the bullying by the powerful of the weak one. In 2007 in China, three out of four traffic victims are from the weak side, in specific in the death toll, the proportion of drivers¡¯ mortality is 13.4%, while that of the pedestrians and cyclists is 45%. Who should be responsible for this serious fact, the urban transportation administrator, the traffic police, the urban planner, the car maker or the driver? Should we blame the weak group in the prosperous and crowded city---the pedestrians and cyclists, for their slowness in giving way to the cars?

On the other hand, the increased number of electric bicycles has had some impact on the ordinary bicyclists. Because the speed of many electric bicycles has exceeded 20 kilometers per hour, and even 50 kilometers sometimes, the government has long been considering imposing speed limitation on electric bicycles. However, currently most electric bicycles available in the market are overspeeding, and as individuals people always want to move faster, which brings potential hazards to the safety of ordinary bicyclists as well as pedestrians and calls for the enforcement of the relevant legislations.

Moreover, one of the reasons for the reduced use of bicycles is the popular phenomenon of theft. Since bicycle theft belongs to minor issue of public security, the police have stopped registration and license issuance for bicycles, and in recent years, the reported loss of bicycles is no longer to be treated as a criminal case. According to investigation, the annual report of stolen bicycles in China is nearly 4,000,000, including over 700,000 electric bicycles, causing more than RMB2bn economic loss.
The safety of the cyclists and the bicycles has become an important factor restricting the extensive use of bicycles. In order to revitalize the ¡°Bicycle Kingdom¡±, the government must strengthen the administration of bicycles to ensure the citizens have a safe travel and secure property.




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