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Deteriorating biking environment because of auto-oriented urban planning
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Deteriorating biking environment because of auto-oriented urban planning

The current situation for the pedestrians and cyclists in urban areas is not optimistic. Urban traffic congestion is a serious problem because of the rapid growth of car ownership and the increased separation of residential zones from commercial zones. In recent years, many cities have increased their road networks and improved their standards. However, the spatial distribution of roads is not balanced; transportation safety cannot be assured because space for walking and cycling has been ignored. A common phenomenon is to reduce or eliminate sidewalks and bike paths. Or when bike paths and sidewalks are provided, cars occupy them for parking. According to 2007 statistics, the proportion of cyclists in Beijing has decreased from 38.5% in 2000 to 23%, Shenzhen has experienced a sharper decline, from 30% in 1995 to 4% in 2007. In reviewing the history of urban transportation development, we realized that with the increased demand for transportation and a higher standard of living, sole dependence on road construction is inefficient for mitigating traffic congestion. On the contrary, it creates a vicious circle. For example, in Shenzhen¨s urban plan, to make more space for cars and buses, bicycle lanes were eliminated, which has resulted in a low use and the loss of historic areas to make room for cars. If this type of auto-oriented urban planning continues, China¨s title as the ^Bicycle Kingdom ̄ will become obsolete.


The figure 3 was created by members of our team, data from CUSTReC.
Image on Analysis of Urban Expansion in Beijing using Satellite Remote Sensing images was provided by Tsinghua University, 2010,3




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