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The spectacle of the ^Moving Chinese Great Wall ̄ of rental bicycles, electric bicycles and traditional bicycles, had reemerged cities across China after thirty years. A wonderful environment for biking has taken hold as city streets have been redesigned to be attractive, convenient and safe for bicycles. Amenities such as bike repair shops, rental stations and bicycle parking lots are a common elements of urban bike networks. People commute to work by bike as well as for the fun of it. Chinese bicycle culture has not only been saved, but also transformed into a valued part of a sustainable transportation system.

This is how the Bicycle Kingdom will be someday.

We firmly believe that under the government¨s concerted efforts as well as that of city planners and ordinary citizens like us actively advocating bicycle transportation, China will continue to be the Kingdom of Bicycles. It will not only have the largest bike population, but also the richest bicycle tradition and culture that supports environmental, social and economic sustainability.




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