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Investigation in China
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We interviewed different segments of society engaged in the development, usage and promotion of bicycles to better understand the history and current development of bicycle transportation. These interviews included a family of three-generations of bicyclists in Beijing, a manager of a bicycle rental spot, and a foreign friend in Beijing with vast cycling experience. We also conducted random interviews with bicyclists on the street. Ms. Xiaosong Li, Vice Director of the Beijing Transportation Commission was also interviewed to provide a government perspective. In late March, we had a successful roundtable discussion on how to promote bicycles in China. Researchers from the China Urban Sustainable Transportation Research Center (CUSTReC), The Energy Foundation(EF) and students from the Beijing Information Science and Technology University (BISTU) and Mid Sweden University (MSU) participated in the discussion. CUSTReC and EF have shown strong interest in our project and support for bicycle promotion in China.

We have also conducted fieldwork at selected sites, such as the Olympic Park, Wangfujing Commercial Center and streets around the Forbidden City. In addition to our research in Beijing, our team has also conducted surveys in their hometowns including small and medium-sized cities such as Emei (Sichuan Province), Shangqiu (Henan Province), and Fuzhou (Fujian Province).

Here are the videos of our interviews:
What do bicycles mean to different generations of Chinese?
By listening to the experiences and perspectives of these three generations, you will learn how the role of the bicycle has changed in China.
On-the-street Interviews
This collection of interviews from people of different ages and income levels in Beijing provides you with a number of opinions on the use of bicycles and suggestions for improving the current situation.
Interview with Ms. Xiaosong Li of the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission
In this interview, Ms. Li discusses the benefits of the bicycle, its limitations in a metropolis like Beijing, and how the government should integrate bicycles into the public transportation system.
Interview with a manager of a bicycle rental station
This interview gives you a look at the worsening trend in bike rentals in Beijing and the problems that have led to this situation.
An American friend reflects on biking in China
Our good friend Patrick Lynch is an active bicyclist with over fifty years of cycling experience both in China and abroad. He shares his perspective on cycling in Beijing as well as suggestions for promoting bicycles.

All background images and flashes were created by members of our team.




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