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Paris---Bicycle rental service
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Paris---Bicycle rental service
The population of metropolitan Paris is 10.2 million, of which 2.2 million residents are living in downtown Paris. This area is famous for its dense and well-developed public transportation network. The ^Velib Program ̄ was initiated in 2007 and included the establishment of 1,451 rental stations in the downtown area with stations at intervals of 300 meters. This has developed a group of 183,000 long-term users, in addition to many short-term users. The Velib Program perfectly combines short-distance transportation, environmental protection efforts and supports more active lifestyles. The main features are as follows:

Convenient payment by credit cards and low prices.
1,450 rental spots with 20,000 bicycles.
Light and easy bike designs for youth over 14.
Funding for facilities through partnerships with advertisers.

Paris City Government launched rental self-service of bicycle named ''Velib"
July 27, 2007
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