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Seoul---Cyclist subsidy
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Seoul--- Biking Subsidies
The City of Seoul plans to pave 207 kilometers of bike paths for its 10.2 million citizens by 2012. In 2000, the former Mayor of Seoul Lee Myung-bak began to carry out ˇ°Public Transportation Reformˇ± to relieve urban traffic congestion. In 2010, South Korea began to implement the ˇ°Bicycle Promotion Planˇ±. The ˇ°Program for Increasing Bicycle Tripsˇ± includes the expansion of bike paths, the construction of large bike parking lots in residential areas and the formulation of bicycle management rules. From the year 2012 on, South Korea will host the Tour of South Korea, an international cycling contest.

Bike commuters who bike a certain number of days per month will be given a bonus. If he/she cycles to the work more than 15 days per month, the local government or their company will give him/her an additional subsidy of KRW30,000 (approximately $30 USD).
ˇ°Green Chain Storeˇ± policy, which encourages businesses to provide discounts to bike commuters.
Dedicated parking lots for bicycles will be provided by department stores, large shopping malls and golf courses in South Korea.
The Administration Security Department plans to invest KRW 1.5 trillion (approx. $1.4 billion USD) over the next ten years for the construction of bike only paths. The total length of bike paths will then be increased to 3,000 kilometers.
In ten bicycle demonstration cities (small and medium-sized), the goal is to raise the proportion of bicycle trips from 1.2% to 15%.

Zhong He Seoul will become a city of bike
May 24,2009
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