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The invention of bicycles
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A bicycle is a simple and convenient vehicle powered by human strength. Its Latin name ¡°Bicyoletta¡± means both ¡°quickness¡± and ¡°walking man¡±. In Chinese, it has a few names which when translated into English mean ¡°Automatic Walking Vehicle¡±, ¡°Free Vehicle¡±, ¡°Push-bike¡± or ¡°Rigid Vehicle¡±. It has been over 200 years since it was invented. Do you know how it was invented?

18th century
The earliest bicycle was invented by a Frenchman named Comte de Sivrac. While taking a walk on a rainy street, de Sivrac was annoyed because his clothes were dirtied by mud splashed from a passing wagon. This later inspired him. Since a wagon is wide, it had to be cut into two halves from front to the back, leaving each half with two wheels along the same line. In this way, the first ¡°wooden wheel bicycle¡± for riding instead of walking was born in 1791.
Early 19th century
The first batch of wooden two-wheel bicycles with two handlebars, actually suitable for riding, emerged in France. In 1830, the French government began to provide postmen with bicycles to deliver mail.
A British man, Kirkpatrick Macmillan, invented the pedal-driven bicycle. It was capable of higher speeds because the cyclist no longer had to touch the ground to move the bike.
The Renault bicycle was born, with a steel frame, rings and spokes. Solid tires were used, which made bikes lighter.
A British man, Harry John Lawson, completed the design for a chain-driven bicycle, and his compatriot, John Boyd Dunlop, developed the first pneumatic tires. From that moment on, bicycle technology had entered the modern era.

There are many kinds of bicycles, such as road bikes, mountain bikes, track bicycles, small-wheel bikes and motocross bicycles (BMX). Most cyclists usually choose either a road bike, mountain bike or hybrid for their everyday commute.
A road bike is light with thin and narrow tires. The gears are flexible. This design allows for higher speeds. A mountain bike is rugged, with quick handling brakes and better shock absorption. A hybrid has the characteristics of both a road bike and a mountain bike; its shape is like a mountain bike but with thinner tires and a lighter frame.

Bicycles are becoming lighter, more innovative, stronger and inexpensive. If you want to know more about new concepts in bicycles, please click on the ¡°Do You Know?¡± section below.

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